Checklist of Ohio's Butterflies & Skippers

David K. Parshall & Jim Davidson

How to use this Checklist
The checklist is intended to be used to record butterflies and skippers that are observed during and outing to any location. The spaces following the words "Location", "County", "Township", "Section", and "Date" allow a person to record the date and location for the observations recorded on this checklist.

A series of columns follows the date/location data. Each column is divided in three parts. The first part lists the months when butterflies are most apt to be seen. Although some butterflies can fly on warm days in the winter, most persons will see butterflies during April, May, June, July, August, September, and October.

The column for each month is labeled with the first letter of the month, in other words, A = April, M = May, etc. The black bars represent the months when the butterflies are most apt to be seen in Ohio. For example, the black bars for the first listed butterfly, pipe-vine swallowtail, are in the columns of May, June, and August. This means, that the pipe-vine swallowtail is most apt to be seen in May, June, and August in Ohio.

A checkmark is at the top of one column. An observer can use this column for checkmarks to record butterflies.

The column with the list of names includes both common and scientific names of the butterflies and skippers. The scientific names are marked with accent marks. These accent marks are designed to assist in pronouncing scientific names by showing which syllable is to be accented.

Two species, the Karner blue and Mitchell's satyr are listed as endangered by the Federal government. It is illegal to collect or harm these species.

(8.5" x 11" .pdf)
Users are encouraged to use one or more books as aids to identification of butterflies and skippers.

The cover illustration is by Carol Clark. The accent marks to aid in pronunciation were provided by Dr. Craige Roberts, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University. The names used in this checklist came from "Butterflies and Skippers of Ohio" (1992 by David C. Iftner, John A. Shuey, and John V. Calhoun, Bulletin of the Ohio Biological Survey). Some names were changed to conform with more recent information. The checklist was originally prepared by Dawes Arboretum, Newark, Ohio. It was revised and retyped for publication by The Ohio Lepidopterists and the Ohio Biological Survey with financial assistance from the Ohio Division of Wildlife with funds donated to the Wildlife Diversity & Endangered Species Program. Permission is given for it to be photocopied. Copies are available from: