butterfly observers group

2019 BOG Trips
Location Target Species
April 13th 2nd Sat Shawnee State Forest Dusky Azure, Henry's, Pine and Brown Elfin
April 20th 3rd Sat Dorr Run Grizzled Skpper, Silvery Blue Falcate Orange-tip
May 11th 2nd Sat Abner Hollow Linx Prairie, Juniper Hairstreak, Roadside Spring Glenn Skippers, Cobweb Skipper
May 25th 4th Sat Oak Openings (Jackie Riley)  
June 8th 2nd Sat Kinnickinnick Fen (AM)
Graessle Rd (PM)
Northern Metalmark
June 22nd 4th Sat Chaperrel Prairie, Adams Prairie, and Plum Run Rd Prairie  
July 20th 3rd Sat Private Fens new to grp in Dayton area. We will be surveying Elisabeth Rothschild to lead-new pending their availability
July 27th 4th Sat Davidson Butterfly Preserve Dion, Duke and/or Broadwing Skip
Aug 10th 2nd Sat Perry State Forest area (AM)
Bremen Gardens (PM)
Aug 22-23 4th Thurs-Fri Shawnee St. Forest area
cabins/lodge overnighter
Sept 14th 2nd Sat Zaleski St. Forest  
Sept 21st 3rd Sat Shawnee State Park Marina
Shawnee State Forest Rd., #5 Area
Southern Migrants