butterfly observers group

2018 BOG Trips
Location Target Species
April 14th 2nd Sat Shawnee State Forest Dusky Azure, Henry's, Pine and Brown Elfin
April 28th 4th Sat Dorr Run Grizzled Skipper, Silvery Blue Falcate, and Orange Tip

May 12th

2nd Sat Abner Hollow,Linx Prairie, Spring Glenn Juniper Hairstreak, Roadside Skippers, Cobweb Skipper
May 26th 4th Sat Clearcreek and Webster Rd.  
June 9/10 2nd Fri/Sat Penn trip-Buzzard Swamp and Beaver Meadows--new Artic Skipper, Harris Checkerspot, Indian and 2-spotted Skippers
June 23rd 4th Sat Schivley Fen & Camp Myeerah Swamp Metalmark?, Hairstreaks, Mulberry Skipper
July 14th 2nd Sat Ross County Kinickinick Fen & Metaquah Nature Preserves new
July 21st 3rd Sat Private Fens new to grp in Dayton area-- we will be surveying Eliasabeth Rothschild to lead
Aug 11th 2nd Sat East Fork Lake new
Aug 24-25 4th Fri/Sat Southern Indiana (2 day) Swamp Metalmark,Bell's Roadside, Skipper- new
Sept 8th 2nd Sat Chaparrel Prairie  
Sept 16-19   Biannual NABA meeting
Tallahassee Fla
Sept 22nd 4th Sat Shawnee St Pk Marina
Shawnee St Frst Rd 5 area
Southern Migrants
Nov 3-6   Annual Butterfly Festival
Mission, Texas