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The purpose of The Ohio Lepidopterists is to promote interest in the butterflies, skippers and moths of Ohio and The Ohio Lepidopterists is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of Ohio.neighboring states by engaging in activities designed to increase the general knowledge of the butterflies, skippers and moths, by disseminating scientific information on the Lepidoptera, by encouraging conservation of wildlife in general and of Lepidoptera in particular, and by achieving closer cooperation and understanding among all lepidopterists so that they may work together in the common cause of furthering the appreciation of Lepidoptera.


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The Ohio Lepidopterists have at least two general membership meetings thoughout the year. The meetings are a high point for many members, where they can enjoy the fellowship of old and new friends. The meetings feature guest speakers, training sessions, exchange of ideas, and a business meeting. The winter meeting, held each January in Columbus, includes the election of officers. Summer and autumn meetings are often held in different parts of Ohio and usually include some type of field trip or other special activity. "Identification Day" has become a traditional opportunity in December to have specimens identified.

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Sign up to get periodic e-mail messages about butterflies and moths in Ohio, consider joining the OH-LEPS list serve. Lep lovers from around the state send messages listing the leps they see, describing behavior, posing questions, and answering them. Joining the list serve is a great way to find out what's flying and to get to know others who share your interests!

Parshall Collection


The David K. Parshall collection of more than 50 thousand pinned and 20,000 papered butterflies was recently donated to the Ohio State University Museum of Biodiversity on Kinnear Rd. in Columbus. The Parshall Collection is the only complete Ohio butterfly collection ever assembled. In addition, the collection is of one the best Canadian Arctic collections outside of the Canadian National Collection at Ottawa. This gift represents 55 years of effort on the part of the donator.



President: Rob Liptak
Vice President: Jerry Wiedmann
Secretary: Dale Rhoda
Treasurer: Don Reuter
Past President: Jerry Wiedmann
Board Members at Large: Susan Wiedmann
Elisabeth Rothschild
Beth Burke


Archives of The Ohio Lepidopterists can be found at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio. Please contact info@ohiolepidopterists.com for more information regarding the archives.

Committee and Chairs:

Butterfly Monitoring: Jerry Wiedmann
Butterfly Observers Group:
Greg Raterman
Constitution: Barbara Bloetscher